B3 Wi-Fi home server review

[ Thanks to Linux User & Developer
for this link. ]

“In his review back in issue 88, the revised
Wi‑Fi edition of the Bubba 2 was extremely well received by
Linux User regular, Dmitri Popov. Not only did he call it ‘the best
home and small-business server on the market’, but he also scored
it top marks for its incredible ease of use, convenience, size and
near-silent operation. In fact, he loved it so much, he now helps
share the word about it as a platform evangelist and community

“The more sensibly named B3 (‘Bubba’ rather unfortunately puts
us in mind of the character of the same name from the movie Forrest
Gump) follows very closely to the formula Excito has been working
on since the company’s inception back in 2002. It provides exactly
the same mix of home and small business server duties and still
comes in the same tiny (11.5 x 4.5 x 18.5cm) matt black, unassuming