Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript

[ Thanks to Roland
for this link. ]

“We recently took a look at KBarcode, GUI application
for Linux desktops that lets users create and print a variety of
barcode formats. But KBarcode isn’t the only option. Terry Burton’s
Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript (BWIPP), which is one of the GUI
app’s backends, is a fast and flexible barcode generating tool in
its own right.

“PostScript? Isn’t that a brand of printer?

“Most of us probably think of PostScript as an output-only file
format, because it is the lingua franca of so many computer
printers. But PostScript is actually full procedural programming
language — just one optimized for drawing on the page.

“BWIPP is a collection of barcode generation functions written
in PostScript itself, which can be directly embedded in final
PostScript output, sent directly to a printer, or interpreted by a
PostScript tool like Ghostscript and turned into an image. The
entire collection is available for download in a single file,
covering more than fifty 1-D, 2-D, and stacked barcode encoding

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