Barnes & Noble reveals Microsoft’s Android patents in detail

[ Thanks to Nathan
for this link. ]

“We saw the letter to the ITC from Barnes & Noble, and the
slide presentation to the US Department of Justice, attached as
Exhibit C to the letter to the ITC, and both have been covered
widely in the media. But now I’ll show you the other exhibits,
Exhibits A, B, D, E and F, so you can get the full picture of what
Barnes & Noble is accusing Microsoft of doing. Take a look
especially at Exhibit D, where there is a long detailing of the
incredibly insignificant patents Microsoft has the nerve to use
against Android, claiming control of the entire operating system
with what is pretty much a handful of stupid patents no one really
needs or which are so trivial that the fees it claims become
outrageous. At least that is Barnes & Noble’s position. It made
my blood boil to read it. As always, if you shouldn’t look at
patents, don’t click to read the rest of the article.”