Beginner’s Guide to Linux Desktops Backups: Basic Strategies and Tools

“The first part of the solution, of course, is to only save
files in open, standard formats which give the greatest possible
guarantees to remain readable in the future with any software. The
other, which is the subject of a three part miniseries starting
today, is to always have backup copies of each file.

“In this article we’ll begin with some essential criteria to
follow when planning backups. Then we’ll show a very simple backup
script. It may not be glamorous, but will be surely work on any
distribution or Desktop Environment you may use in the foreseable

“Basic Criteria

“The first rule of backups is to store them in a separate place.
If you store both the originals and the backups on the same
computer, one hardware failure is all you need to lose everything
for good: always copy on external drives or somewhere online your

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