Best Dictionary Apps for Android

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“Occasionally, if you get stuck on a difficult word, there’s
always the big fat dictionary waiting to be dusted off. But what if
you find that process a tad old-fashioned? Don’t worry, you’re not
the only one. These days, more and more people are using online
dictionaries instead of the traditional paper-made ones to find
synonyms, definitions and antonyms. Also, for looking up words on
the go, there are a myriad of apps available for smartphones and
tablets. So, if you’re an Android user and are looking for some
good dictionary apps to try out, read on as we cover the best ones
for the platform.

“Advanced English & Thesaurus: Allowing you to lookup more
than 1.4 million words, Advanced English & Thesaurus is a free
Android application that finds words from the Wordnet database.
What make this one stand apart from other dictionary applications
is that it groups nouns, adjectives, and adverbs into sets of
cognitive synonyms.”