Bill would nuke Visa cards, Adwords, DNS records for pirates

[ Thanks to Bernard Swiss
for this link. ]

“Not only will the site have to be blocked by US-based
DNS lookup services, but credit card processors will not be able to
handle orders for US addresses. This provision was apparently
modeled on the Russian AllofMP3 site, which was crippled after
rightsholders cut off its access to major credit card processors.
The third step looks mainly targeted at Google Adwords, which
routinely appear on sites of a less-than-savory nature (and which
have irritated rightsholders immensely).

“Together, the three penalties won’t take down foreign sites or
even prevent them from being accessed by the tech savvy, but it
could cut off Pirate Bay access to most ordinary Americans. More
importantly (from the rightsholders’ point of view, at least), the
US government will do all this free of charge.

“Today, a host of rightsholder groups including the RIAA, MPAA,
and Screen Actors Guild, signed a letter claiming that they are all
about the “free and open Internet.” But rampant illegal activity is
not what “freedom” is about.

“”The legislation is carefully crafted to combat what Vice
President Biden—a former Judiciary Committee
Chairman—recognized as ‘theft—flat, unadulterated
theft’,” said the letter.”

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