Bodhi Linux On a Touchscreen Device

[ Thanks to Jeremy
Mack Wright
for this link. ]

“Welcome, in this blog post we’re going to set Bodhi Linux up on
a touchscreen device. Since the last post covered touchscreen
calibration, I thought I would go one step beyond that by choosing
and configuring a distribution to make the touchscreen easy to use
(on-screen keyboard, finger scrolling, etc). This post won’t be an
exhaustive run through of everything that you can do with Bodhi on
a touchscreen system, but my hope is to give you a good start.
Please feel free to talk about your own customizations and ways of
doing things in the comment section. We’ll be focusing on desktop
touchscreens and Intel based tablets here, but Bodhi also has an
ARM version that’s currently in alpha. The ARM version of Bodhi
will officially support Archos Gen 8 tablets initially, and then
expand support out from there. I’m using Bodhi because it has a
nice Enlightenment Tablet profile that I think makes using a
touchscreen system fairly natural and intuitive. You of course
could also use another distro like Ubuntu (Unity) or Fedora (Gnome
Shell) with your touchscreen but, as I mentioned, I’m partial to
Bodhi for this use.”