Boulder Linux Mini-Expo Set for December 10

                      Boulder Linux Mini-Expo

Date: December 10th, 1998

Time:  7:00 pm

Location:  Room 1107, NIST (US. Dept. of Commerce Boulder Labs),
           325 Broadway, Boulder

Sponsored by: The Boulder Linux Users Group (http://lug.boulder.co.us)

Commercial Exhibits:

   Tummy.Com                        Sean Reifschneider,
   (www.tummy.com)                  Evelyn Mitchell

   Eklektix (Linux Weekly News)     Liz Coolbaugh

   TechAngle                        Dave Hahn

   Xi Graphics                      Andrew Bergin

   WGS Software/Linux Mall          Mark Bolzern

Non-Commercial Exhibits:

   Labview for Linux                Michael Maish

   Linux on Sparc                   Alan Robertson
                                    Michael Rousseau

   Linux on Alpha                   Glen Ashton

   Linux on Power PC                Dave Lovering

   Red Hat Linux                    Rodger Wilson

   SuSE Linux,                      Calvin Dodge
   Office Suite 99

   Debian Linux 2.0,                Todd Ruskell

   Red Hat Linux,                   Phil Hildebrand
   Oracle 8.0,
   Ticketing System

   SuSE 5.3,                        Greg Dickinson

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For more information contact:  J. Wayde Allen
                               Tel.  303-497-5871
                               e-mail:  [email protected]
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