BSD Today: Web-mail Part II: Twig and BasiliX

[ Thanks to Jeremy C.
for this link. ]

“I looked at a couple web-mail front-ends last week, one with a
more complex setup, one with a much easier setup. This week
I’ll be taking a look at two MySQL-based front-ends, which can
speed up the server access, but can also mean that the setup is
much harder.
At any rate, you should be ready for this after
last week’s primer.”

“Let’s start with our first candidate, BasiliX. BasiliX’s
features include POP3/IMAP/SMTP support,
send/reply/forward/delete/send support, customization of user
settings, MIME support, multiple domain and language support,
search utility, and much more. This is in every way as
full-featured as I’ve ever seen a web-mail front-end, and I’m sure
you’ll be very impressed by the Murat Arslan’s work. In fact, if
you take a look at it, I’m sure you’ll also agree it looks quite a
bit like W3Mail, which I reviewed previously.”

“Currently, BasiliX is up to version 0.9.6, and supports a whole
variety of operating systems. Let’s get started, then. Here’s what
you’re going to need in order to install and run BasiliX as your
web-mail front-end.”