Building a Linux App Store: Can You Help?

[ Thanks to James Maguire for this
link. ]

“For moderately experienced Linux enthusiasts, most
software is a stone’s throw away. But even the more experienced
desktop Linux users have been known to discover a new application
from the most inconvenient sources.

“Often these discoveries take place long after the user has
given up locating such an application when they needed it most.
Where this becomes truly problematic is when the application was
available from the software repositories used with the user’s own
distro all along. Yet the app went totally unheard of because the
user didn’t know which category it was featured in!

“This is hardly an isolated incident, mind you. I can count at
least seven individuals who I know personally who have been in this
situation. Is it office, business or communication related? Also,
how is the performance rated? So many questions – often going

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