Business Wire: Infoseek to Ship Ultraseek Server 3.0 for Linux; Infoseek’s Award-Winning Enterprise Search and Index Solution to Support Growing Market Demand for the Linux OS

“Infoseek Corporation (Nasdaq:SEEK) today announced the
immediate availability of Ultraseek(TM) Server 3.0 for the Linux
operating system.”

“The announcement was made during the LinuxWorld conference
taking place at the San Jose Convention Center from March 2-4. The
Ultraseek Server Content Classification Engine (CCE), an Ultraseek
Server add-on that organizes intranet and Web site content into
categorized topics for easy browsing and searching, is also now
available on Linux.”

“The Linux OS, already popular among developers, engineers and
IS administrators, is gaining a loyal and growing user base within
the enterprise as a Web and workstation platform. Its momentum is
generally attributed to three key strengths: fast performance,
enviable uptime record, and the fact that it is open source
software, so users have access to the source code for customization
or support.”