Business Wire: Red Hat Launches Linux Portal

Thanks to Skip Collins
for this link.

“Red Hat Software, Inc. (LinuxWorld Booth # 1926), the
market-leading provider of Linux software and expertise, today
announced a new Linux portal that provides millions of Linux users
with a single Web site to access the latest news, support
information and software for the world’s fastest-growing operating

“The portal, which goes live this week at www.redhat.com, was
developed in conjunction with some of the Internet’s most popular,
award-winning resources for developers and Linux users. These
include: slashdot.org, which was named a “Hot New Site” by USA
Today and to the “Top 100 Web Sites” for developers by PC Magazine;
and www.freshmeat.net, another award-winning software repository
for Linux users. From the single Linux Portal at Red Hat, users can
browse news from these and other sites, access user groups and
quickly and easily search through thousands of other Linux
resources on the Internet from a single location.”

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