BW: Adaptec and Red Hat Deliver Ultra160/m SCSI Support for Linux

“Adaptec, Inc. today announced that Ultra160/m SCSI drivers are
now embedded in Red Hat Linux 6.0. Adaptec’s products implement the
Ultra160/m feature set of Ultra3 SCSI, which significantly improve
performance and device manageability.”

“Adaptec’s Ultra160/m SCSI products are currently available to
OEMs and will be available to the channel later this year.”

“‘Linux users demand high performance and reliability, which
Adaptec’s Ultra160/m SCSI products will give them,’ said Paul
McNamara, vice president of business development at Red Hat. ‘We’re
pleased to include Ultra160/m SCSI drivers in Red Hat Linux 6.0 for
our users.'”

“‘As Linux grows in mainstream computing, access to the latest
technologies is increasingly important,’ said Lee Caswell, director
of Adaptec’s OEM Solutions Group. ‘With Ultra160/m, Adaptec
continues its unique strategy of launching the latest technology
with Linux support, ensuring that the Linux community has the most
powerful server and workstation I/O technology at its


Update: Darrin Johnson (of Adaptec) has written
with the following information:

The source code for the new drivers (which by the way was
developed by the “community”) is and will always be available and
should by now have found it’s way into the core Linux code.
Although we did our initial effort with Redhat the code will
migrate quickly into all of the distributions.