BW: Clustering Solutions Available for Cobalt Server Appliances

Cobalt Networks, Inc…announced the availability of
clustering technologies from HolonTech Corp. and PolyServe for
Cobalt server appliances.
Combined with HolonTech and
PolyServe products, Cobalt server appliances deliver the benefits
of clustering – load management and high availability. HolonTech’s
switch-based HyperFlow 2(TM) and PolyServe’s software-based
Understudy solutions enable groups of Cobalt server appliances to
act as one server — providing increased performance, data
reliability, and network scalability.”

“Cobalt’s unique positioning in the server appliance market
enables HolonTech to deliver the benefits of our HyperFlow 2
solution in compelling new ways,” said Mike Skelton, president and
COO of HolonTech Corp. “Cobalt’s Linux-based platform along with
HolonTech’s technology allows us to create sophisticated server
appliance-based clustering solutions. HolonTech leverages Cobalt’s
scalability, easy-to-use web-based interface, and affordability to
introduce a new era of performance and price in the clustering

“The Linux operating system and Cobalt’s open architecture
enable developers to easily integrate, deploy, and support their
applications on Cobalt server appliances,” said Mark Orr, vice
president, business development, Cobalt Networks, Inc. “ISPs and
businesses who require flexible, easy-to-manage Internet services
and Web hosting solutions will find that Cobalt server appliances
provide the core web publishing, email, and file transfer services,
making it easy for applications developers to build their own

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