BW: Cobalt Founder Discusses the Future of Low-Cost Servers on IT Radio Network

“In a recent interview with the newly launched eBusiness
audio Webzine IT Radio Network, Cobalt Networks Co-Founder Mark Orr
(Nasdaq:COBT) discussed how business development is driving the

“Orr also discussed server technology so simple that anybody can
run their own enterprise efficiently and inexpensively.

“‘Cobalt has complete product offerings that start at $1,000,’
said Orr. ‘The basic proposition is that a small-business person
can be up and running, serving e-mail, serving Web content — all
in about 15 minutes.'”

“Orr also discussed Cobalt’s partnership with Oracle

“‘Oracle was really among the first of the major database
companies to announce support for Linux,’ Orr said. ‘What Cobalt
gets out of this is a community of developers who build world class
solutions that meet the needs of not just the Fortune 500, but the
Fortune 5 Million.'”

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