BW: DISC Announces Line of Scaleable NAS [Linux] Servers

“DISC(R), Inc. (Nasdaq:DCSR), a leading manufacturer of
automated library solutions for enterprise storage, announced today
the COMET nas(TM) server, a line of fully scaleable Network
Attached Storage (NAS) servers.”

“The server can be installed and configured in less than
five minutes without the assistance of corporate IT departments and
offers architecture built upon the highly robust, open source,
LINUX operating system.
This NAS solution can be scaled to
store and retrieve from 104GB to over 5TB of network storage for
either workgroup computing environments or enterprise-wide
solutions. The COMET nas(TM) server gives the administrator the
ability to create and manage application or user-specific data
sets. For greater convenience, the Common Server can set up and
allocate capacities to user-definable storage pools, high
performance file systems or the industry standard UDF file systems.
When choosing the UDF file system, COMET nas(TM) server users can
share data between multiple operating systems, departments or

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