BW: Egan Systems Introduces COBOL for Web Servers; COBOL Web Applications Enabled with cgiCOBOL

“Egan Systems, Inc. today introduced an enhanced COBOL runtime
environment designed to allow the estimated 2 million COBOL
programmers world wide to create Web Server Applications without
the need to learn a new programming language.”

“The Company’s cgiCOBOL product enables programmers to employ
standard ANSI COBOL syntax to author software utilizing the Web
Server CGI (Common Gateway Interface).”

“With cgiCOBOL, Web Server Applications can harness all the
power, flexibility, and proven reliability inherent in the standard
Interactive COBOL runtime system, including a full-featured data
management subsystem. This high-performance subsystem implements
robust simultaneous shared data access capable of supporting
hundreds of users. It can be configured for a centralized server or
distributed access using a client/server model.”

“The company’s newest product, cgiCOBOL, is specifically
available for the most popular Apache HTTP Server running on Red
Hat Linux…”

Press release