BW: Einux Delivers Revolutionary High Density Cluster Server Array Architecture Technology

“Einux’s New Patent-Pending Technology Promises Higher Density
Server Design for Dramatically Lower Total Cost of Ownership.”

“Einux Inc. introduces its revolutionary new patent-pending High
Density Cluster Server Array Architecture, allowing e-businesses to
deploy and manage a high-density, affordable and scalable server
platform capable of handling large volumes of Web content reliably
and efficiently and at a dramatically lower total cost of
ownership. Einux’s innovative technology quadruples the server
density in a standard 19″ rack.”

“The High Density Cluster Server Array Architecture combines
seamless hardware and software integration, proprietary motherboard
design and Einux’s patent-pending High Density Cooling System to
allow four independent servers to be placed in a compact 1U
footprint. With such a high density, businesses and corporations
will save up to 93% in operational costs with Einux’s new

“All Einux servers come “out of the box” ready to operate as
stand alone appliances and are “cluster-enabled” to operate with
other servers in conjunction with Einux’s ClusterManager server.
All Einux servers feature Einux’s Server 6.0 operating system
based on the open-source Linux platform.”

Press release