BW: Firewall Server Appliance Delivered on Cobalt RaQ

“Cobalt Networks, Inc., the leader in server appliances, today
announced a partnership that enables Progressive Systems to deliver
the Phoenix Adaptive Firewall server appliance.”

Built on the Cobalt RaQ(TM) platform, the Phoenix Adaptive
Firewall is a comprehensive, high-performance, commercial-grade
firewall appliance designed to offer full protection for network

“Progressive has a complete firewall and VPN application. We
required a stable and reliable system to assist us in bringing to
market a turnkey and affordable firewall appliance,” said Matthew
Dawson, president and CEO of Progressive Systems. “The Cobalt RaQ’s
single unit height design, affordable price points, and overall
completeness enables Progressive to deliver a system that requires
minimal support and maintenance. Our firewall solution delivered on
the Cobalt RaQ is unmatched in meeting market needs.”

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