BW: High-Performance Linux WAN Networking from The Software Group

“Based on the Wanware(R) line of Unix products, Wanware/Linux
connects computers directly to wide-area networks using the X.25,
Frame Relay, ISDN Basic Rate (BRI) or PPP protocols.”

“To support business customers requiring synchronous connections
at speeds up to 5 Megabits/second, combining up to four
Wanware/Linux adapters in a machine provides a low deployment
cost/port for X.25, Frame Relay or PPP connections.”

“Wanware/ISDN for Linux is the most cost-effective method for
improving Internet access beyond dialup speeds within a local
calling area…. supports access speeds of 64 and 128 Kbits/second.
The Software Group has extended the public domain “ISDN for Linux”
code to support the NI-1 (North American) ISDN switch variant with
passive ISDN adapters… we are making it available under the GNU
license at our web site… Binary implementations, prepackaged with
an ISDN adapter and installation instructions for both the Red Hat
and Slackware versions of Linux, are available from The Software
Group Limited.”

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