BW: Imagine Media Announces MaximumLinux.com, the Ultimate Online Linux Network

“Imagine Media today announces the launch of
MaximumLinux.com, a portal site serving the thriving Linux
MaximumLinux.com is the online component to the
soon to be released Maximum Linux magazine, which will be available
on newsstands April 11th.”

“MaximumLinux.com delivers everything visitors need and want to
get the most out of Linux. The site is complete with daily breaking
news, comprehensive product reviews, and in-depth interviews with
the pioneers shaping this emerging force in the computer

“‘But it doesn’t stop there,’ states Cheryl England, President
of Imagine Media’s Computing Division. ‘In addition to all this
killer content, MaximumLinux.com is the hub of a major network that
brings together the best Linux-oriented sites on the web.'”

“For example, Gamers Depot, the first affiliate signed to the
new network, created a special site devoted to gaming on the Linux
platform. ‘This is more proof that MaximumLinux.com isn’t just some
site for MIS and system administrators,’ England adds.” And more
features are coming online every week. New sections slated to
launch in upcoming weeks are daily opinion polls, a section
dedicated to Linux on the Mac, an extensive download library,
e-mail newsletters, a raucous humor section and much, much

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