BW: InfoValue Releases Complete MPEG Streaming Video Solutions for Linux…

“InfoValue Computing Inc. unveiled the industry’s first
complete, end-to-end video streaming solution for Linux
workstations at NAB this week in Las Vegas.”

“Based on InfoValue’s award-winning QuickVideo Suite of
video-enabling solutions, the QuickVideo Player for Linux is
integrated with a robust MPEG decoder and is fully compatible with
any Java Media Framework-compliant decoder. The solution
enables Linux users to enjoy high-quality, interactive video at
their desktops using simple, VCR-like controls to pause, resume,
seek, fast-forward, replay
, etc.”

“InfoValue’s QuickVideo leads the industry with its near-gigabit
per second video-on-demand throughput from a PC server and
completely open architecture. It is the open architecture that
makes the QuickVideo Suite of products addressing video-on-demand,
video multicast, video archiving, and video distributed caching
both cost-effective and highly scalable. With the enormous
efficiencies that can be achieved, QuickVideo Suite is the ideal
solution for businesses, broadband portals and especially broadband
ISPs and ASPs who build exciting new business opportunities based
on the broadband infrastructure.”

Press Release