BW: Open Source Development Network Launches Comprehensive Global News Site Dedicated to Open Source

“Open Source Development Network, a division of VA Linux
Systems, today announced the launch of NewsForge, an online,
round-the-clock global newspaper covering news stories,
announcements, reviews, opinion columns, press releases and meeting
notices that relate to Open Source, Linux, BSD, commercial UNIX and
Free Software.”

Communicating news and information quickly is essential for
successful collaborative development in the Open Source
,” said Derek Carroll, vice president of business
development, OSDN. “NewsForge offers hyperlinks to Open
Source-related news all over the Internet, as it breaks.”

“The NewsForge “NewsVac Links” section is updated 24 hours a
day, seven days a week, by a corps of experienced editors who
evaluate articles published by over 200 major online news
providers, as well as stories and links submitted by NewsForge
readers, whose contributions are eagerly accepted as a vital part
of the NewsForge mix.”

Press Release