BW: OpenLinux LIZARD Install Now Available Under the Q Public License – QPL

“The LIZARD install was developed for OpenLinux by Caldera
Systems Engineers in Germany, and by Troll Tech, a leading software
tools development company in Oslo, Norway. LIZARD makes the
transition from Windows to Linux easier for the new user and
reduces down time created by command line installation.”

We’re happy to contribute back to the Open Source community
and Linux industry,
” said Ransom Love, CEO of Caldera Systems
Inc. “We’re particularly grateful to Troll Tech for their support
of–and contributions to–this effort. LIZARD will help Linux move
further into the enterprise as others develop to the

“We congratulate Caldera Systems on their bold move of
open-sourcing LIZARD,” said Haavard Nord, CEO of Troll Tech.
“LIZARD is the easiest to use Linux installer available today, and
it demonstrates the versatility of Qt, our GUI application

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