BW: Penguin Computing Introduces a 2U Rackmount with Four Hot Swappable Hard Drives

“Penguin Computing announced today that it has become the first
company to offer 2U Rackmount Systems with four hot-swappable hard
drives. The machine, the Blackfoot Penguin 2500, also comes with up
to two gigabytes of RAM, two hot-swappable fans, a CD Rom bay, a
floppy drive bay and hardware RAID. The Blackfoot Penguin 2500s,
like all Penguin Computers, run only with the ultra-reliable Linux
operating system.”

“Penguin Computing was the first company to exclusively sell
Linux machines and was also the first company to sell 8 Way Xeon
Servers and the 1U Intel-based server for Linux. Last week, Penguin
Computing became the first company to offer a quad xeon system with
550 Mhz Processors.”

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