BW: Penguin Computing Unveils its Fifth-Generation Low-Profile Rackmount Server for Red Hat Linux

“Penguin Computing, Inc., the leading provider of ultra-reliable
Linux-based servers and workstations, is introducing the most
advanced 2U rackmount server yet available for Linux.”

Dubbed the Blackfoot 2500, this state-of-the-art machine
can support dual Intel Pentium III processors, up to 2 gigabytes of
ECC RAM, and 186 gigabytes of SCSI-3 hot-swappable storage driven
by a high-performance RAID controller.
All in a 3.5-inch high
toolless case that will protect its contents from a 24-inch

“Additional options include up to five 100Mb/sec Ethernet ports
or a Gigabit Ethernet port by Alteon (Nasdaq: ATON), and tape
backup solutions like the advanced VXA tape drive from Ecrix.”

Press Release