BW: Rainbow Optimizes Products for Linux

“Rainbow Technologies… announced that the company has
integrated support for the popular Linux operating system
throughout the company’s CryptoSwift(TM) eCommerce acceleration
solutions and Rainbow’s SentinelLM(TM) software license management
Rainbow’s iKey(TM) token authentication device will
be Linux-enabled later in Q2 as desktop Linux operating systems
gain a foothold in corporate network environments.”

“By optimizing our products for the Linux operating system, we
are addressing a demand from our customers who wish to take
advantage of the flexibility and openness that Linux provides,”
said Shawn Abbott, chief technology officer, Rainbow

“Rainbow’s Linux-enabled products include the CryptoSwift
eCommerce accelerator boards, SentinelSuperPro hardware keys and
SentinelLM software license management solutions. These products
support Linux Red Hat and 5.0 and 5.2 platforms as well
as Linux Slackware 1.2.13 and 3.4 platforms. In addition,
CryptoSwift supports Linux Red Hat 6.0.”

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