BW: Red Hat Names Michael Tiemann Chief Technical Officer

“Red Hat…announced today the appointment of Michael Tiemann to
the position of Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Tiemann was
co-founder and acting CTO of Cygnus Solutions, which Red Hat
acquired this month.
In his new role as CTO of Red Hat,
Tiemann will be responsible for communicating Red Hat’s strategic
direction to the company’s customers and ensuring that Red Hat
technologies meet their long term business requirements.”

“Tiemann is replacing Marc Ewing, co-founder and former CTO of
Red Hat. Ewing will remain as a member of the board of directors of
Red Hat, Inc. as well as serve as a Director for the Red Hat Center
for Open Source. The Red Hat Center for Open Source is a non-profit
organization dedicated to advancing the social principles of open
source for the greater good of society by funding work in research,
technology, law, health and the sciences.”

“Marc and his team of strong technical and engineering leaders
delivered Red Hat’s long history of creating and then sharing real
intellectual value,” said Matthew Szulik, CEO of Red Hat. “Michael
will continue that leadership as one of the most respected
technical leaders and a worldwide evangelist in the open source
movement. He brings a strong advocacy for the Red Hat customer base
and strategic insight that will enable Red Hat to continue as one
of the world’s leading open source software companies.”

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