BW: Robot Prices Plummet, Turning Sci-fi Into Fact

“ActivMedia Robotics Makes Intelligent Waiters & Talking
Tour Guides Feasible.”

“… ActivMedia’s PeopleBot… breaks the price barrier
restraining human-interaction robotics development. Because of
PeopleBot, engineers and programmers will now be able to transform
expectations created by science fiction into actual technological

“ActivMedia Robotics, LLC announced this week their first run of
PeopleBot platforms for customers in Germany, Japan, UK and the

“Programmable by any talented C/C++ programmer, under
or WIN98…”

“PeopleBot senses its environment through sonar, motor encoders,
bump sensors, vision, sound and/or laser range-finder. Its Saphira
Robotic Development Environment, created by SRI’s Artificial
Intelligence Center, provides basic navigation software. Speech
integration, color-tracking and other plug-ins are available. All
PeopleBot software is transparent to C/C++. Vertical-market
specialists and other value-added resellers are expected to use
PeopleBot as a base for applications for target markets such as
business promotions, monitoring and entertainment.”

Press release