BW: SuSE Linux AG opens additional support center in Bremen, Germany

“SuSE Linux AG, one of the leading Linux specialists worldwide,
is continuing to expand its support services. The opening of a
new support center in Bremen is directly connected to the worldwide
success of SuSE Linux AG’s existing support services. The declared
aim of SuSE Linux AG is to continue with this success, and to meet
the continually growing demand in the area of support services for

“Both the demand for SuSE Linux and the requirements for
professional support are continually growing, especially for system
administrators,” explains Stefan Wintermeyer, head of Support at
SuSE. “The new location in Bremen will complement our existing
support center at the head office in Nuremberg, and will guarantee
that support quality and reaction times remain on a high level,
even when demand is sharply increasing. We are looking at the
requirements of professional support for company use, while we are,
above all, still providing Linux know-how for the interested
private user.”

“The Support Center in Bremen will begin operating on February
15, 2000, initially with a staff of 20, with plans to expand the
location during the year to more than 60 employees. Stefan
Wintermeyer emphasises: “We are aware of the current shortage of IT
workers, and we are also doing something for our social conscience,
in that we are providing users of other operating systems with an
opportunity of new career prospects, through our internal and
external training programs.”

Press Release