BW: TurboLinux Rolls out National Training Program in China

“TurboLinux, the high performance Linux company, announced today
the availability in China of nationwide TurboLinux Certified
Engineer training courses. The curriculum, three initial courses
designed to prepare students to meet Linux Professional Institute
(LPI) certification standards, will be offered in China’s 10
largest cities through a network of 15 authorized TurboLinux

“There is incredible demand for TurboLinux training in China,
especially with our corporate and government customers,” said Iris
Miller, president of TurboLinux China and a company co-founder.
In China, there is currently no Linux training available
through universities. With the government push to support Linux and
our position as the Linux leader, we had no choice but to
accelerate our training plans and implement a nationwide

“TurboLinux is also offering a TurboLinux Certified Engineer
certification exam at its Beijing office training center. Next
spring the company plans to offer the exam nationwide through a
certification partner. The exam, designed to comply with LPI
certification standards, is offered free to students enrolled in
TurboLinux certified courses. However, the exam can also be taken
without enrollment in official TurboLinux courses.”

Press Release