BW: VirtualSellers.com to Exhibit Its New Technology, TAME At LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

“We believe TAME is the solution that complements the economic
objectives of choosing the Linux operating system,” said Dennis
Sinclair, Ph.D., CEO of VirtualSellers.com.”

“”Furthermore, this international event will help to create
brand equity for TAME as it becomes associated with Linux. This is
an invaluable opportunity to expose TAME to avid Linux users, as
well as money managers and others who have a strong interest in
this dependable operating system.”

“TAME version 4.0 uses an interpretive language that is Unix
and Windows NT compatible, thereby simplifying the entire approach
to Web development and Web infrastructure development over existing
Microsoft solutions,
and at the same time maintaining its
compatibility through links to Java(R) and JavaScript(R).”

“It enables applications to communicate with each other in a
very unique way within the Web’s infrastructure, and more
importantly provide a solution to a whole new level of

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