BYTE.com: A Summer Potpourri

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for this link. ]

“It is still summer in the northern hemisphere and, knowing that
many people read this column either on a print-out at the beach or
through their neat new wireless PDAs, I tend to use the time to
write about interesting new products or gadgets. It has so far been
a slow year for Linux companies and Linux products, with just a
handful of new products appearing. Technologies, on the other
hand—especially of the open source persuasion—continue
to pop up like mushrooms.

“Speaking of PDAs, I have not really mentioned them here in the
past as this is a server-oriented column. But the Linux and
high-tech market being what it is, I believe you will understand if
I look for exciting new stuff outside the strict server-scope.

“Ever the devoted penguinista that I am, I have variously owned
several Linux-based PDAs, ranging from an iPAQ running Linux 2.4.0
to the cutesy Agenda, and lately, a Sharp Zaurus. All of them have
considerable geek appeal and all of them fulfill the promise of a
portable, Linux-based, personal data assistant. The reasons I never
stick long with a PDA, however, include their lack of mobile
connectivity and the fact that I don’t really have anything to put
on a PDA. I have very few appointments, usually less than 10 a
week, and I can keep track of them in my mind. Same for phone
numbers: I am blessed with a good memory and remember all important
phone numbers by heart. So there’s really not much incentive for me
to use a PDA. It’s fun to play games while waiting in airport halls
or at the doctor’s office, but that doesn’t justify spending a few
hundred dollars…”

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