Calamares 2.4.5 Installer Fixes Security Issue with Unencrypted Boot Partitions

Calamares 2.4.5 is here three weeks after the previous point release, namely Calamares 2.4.4, to add quite a bunch of bug fixes, but also manages to sneak in some fairly useful features, such as a new setup in automated install modes for Btrfs subvolumes for @ and @home, despite the fact that Btrfs subvolumes aren’t yet supported during manual partitioning. Among the improvements introduced by Calamares 2.4.5, we can mention that deployments of the GRUB bootloader with 32-bit UEFI firmware should work correctly now, even on 64-bit systems that use 32-bit UEFI firmware, the Internet connection check in the welcome module received various reliability enhancements and fixes, and operating system detection has been improved for automatic dual boot setup in GRUB.

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