Caldera announces partnership with Sybase

Caldera’s Latest Moves

Today, Caldera made a host of announcements that should bring Linux
into the hands of more users, including first-time Linux users and
businesses. These announcements include a partnership with Sybase,
a new OpenLinux product, a vertical business server and training.

Caldera and Sybase

Today, Caldera and Sybase co-announced that the Sybase Adaptive
Server, Enterprise Edition is now available for Linux. The version
being shipped is, the same version available for other
platforms. The Sybase product will be available on both the Caldera
and Sybase web sites. It will also be included with the Caldera
OpenLinux 1.3 product, which will be available on September 28.

Caldera 1.3

This is a new release of Caldera OpenLinux. It is targeted at
the new or business user, nd has significant changes from previous
Caldera releases. Those differences include:

  • The whole distribution is freely redistributable.
  • The looking glass desktop has been replaced with KDE.
  • The Sybase Adaptive Server is included.
  • The Apache web server is included along with Netscape
  • All Netware clients and utilities are included.
  • DOSemu is pre-configured and includes DR-DOS.

Vertical Business Server

This product is targeted at the turnkey VAR. Caldera has always
been strong in this area and this marks a serious commitment to
address needs of the VAR. It is designed to be a Linux and Internet
server supporting what Caldera calls a Universal File System. What
this means is that the integration of Samba for Windows support
along with native Linux file system support, traditional NFS
support for the UNIX environment as well as Appletalk and Netware
support allow the system to co-exist with all common platforms used
in small businesses.

The system is designed to offer an environment in which the VAR
can drop its specific vertical solution into it and quickly have a
turnkey solution. To help make this possible, a remote management
system has been added. Implemented in Java, servers can be
headless, remotely configured from a remote web browser.

The remote management system includes a software development kit
so that the VAR can integrate remote management of its application
into the system remote management system. Educational Services

Caldera has also elected to address what I see as the one thing
that has been seriously lacking in the Linux community: training.
While user groups and individuals have offered some training, up
until now there has been no serious commercial training effort.

Caldera has established a four-day Linux administration class
and will be offering it through training centers worldwide. There
is also an optional fifth day on Linux installation.

The base price for the training is $1195 with an additional $150
for the installation day. This price is discounted to $995 until
the end of October. Marjorie Richardson, Linux Journal editor, will
be attending the training in Bakersfield, California later this
month in order to report on it for the magazine.

Caldera can be reached on the web at http://www.caldera.com/

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