Can Mark Shuttleworth Be The Steve Jobs Of Ubuntu?

“When I met Mark Shuttleworth in 2005 during a Linux event in
India, we talked in detail about his trip space and his vision for
Ubuntu. In these last 5 years, Ubuntu has come a long way.

“What Apple has done with BSD, Mark has done with Debian and
GNU/Linux. He has packaged the amazing Debian as a much loved
consumer operating system called Ubuntu.

“Under his leadership, Ubuntu has created a unique position
among the three most popular operating systems in the world. If I
put these three (Ubuntu, Windows and Mac) operating systems side by
side, I find Ubuntu, as a standalone OS, to have a clear edge over
the other two. No, it’s not a biased opinion if one looks deeper
into the technical aspects verifying this fact (we will get into
that later).”