Canada Computes: Gift ideas for the Linux geek

[ Thanks to Gene
for this link. ]

“What can you buy for a dedicated Linux user when almost
everything about Linux except the hardware is already free? Not to
worry. You just need to get creative.”

“Attitude stocking stuffers
The thing that separates a Linux user from those who use lesser
operating systems is attitude. So think about gifts that support
and nurture that embedded Linux edginess. A great little online
emporium for attitude gifts is ThinkGeek

“Savour a button that reads: “The box said ‘install Windows
95 or better’ SO I INSTALLED LINUX.” Or a sticker that says, “My
other computer is a 4,000-node Beowulf cluster.” Or some
caffeinated Penguin mints.
There are also Tux (the Linux
Penguin logo) shirts, Tux ties, and Tux hats, not to mention Tux
coffee mugs and Tux beer glasses. My personal favourite is a binary
clock–binary digits embedded on a CD. Thoughtful gifts for the NMH
(No Microsoft Here) person in your life. Prices range from US$4 for
the buttons to US$22.95 for a Tux golf shirt.”


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