Canceled: Eric Raymond will not speak at Miami University January 16

Earlier we reported that Eric Raymond will be speaking at Miami University. The
event has since been canceled.

Thanks to Joshua Kramer for
sending this our way.

From: Aaron T Porter <[email protected]>
Subject: ESR Event *CANCLED*

It now seems that Eric Raymond committed to speaking at Miami
without having any sort of a firm schedule. He backed out of the
event tonight, as he will not be arriving at the Dayton airport
until late Saturday evening. He is still planing on speaking at
Earlham College in Richmond IN on Sunday at 1pm. Earlham has a web
page about it up at http://www.cs.earlham.edu/esr.html

I’m very sorry about canceling on such short notice, but this is
the first I’ve had definite word that Eric was not coming. Please
pass the word on to anyone else you know of who was planning to