Catfish–Easily Find Stuff in Thunar

[ Thanks to Borys
for this link. ]

“One could ask, ‘What am I supposed to do when I want to find a
file, if I am using XFCE, and Thunar is my conscious choice as the
file manager?’ It seems to be obvious to click with the
right-mouse-button on the folder in which something to be found is
expected to exist and to choose the option ‘search’ from the
context menu. Thunar bets, however, on the user’s mental powers and

“Available options are:

  • “no ‘search’ option in Thunar’s menu,
  • “a keyboard shortcut such as ctrl+f which moves us just to the
    name of the file/folder in Thunar’s current directory,
  • “adding an external program to Thunar’s menu which will be
    responsible for searching…”

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