CBS MarketWatch: Bob Frankenberg’s breaking Windows, Ex-Novell CEO speaks out on Microsoft

“The former chief executive of Novell Inc….Frankenberg headed
the Microsoft…competitor in the early 1990s when it made software
called DR-DOS, aimed at challenging Microsoft’s operating software.
But DR-DOS couldn’t cut it, and disappeared from the market.
Frankenberg believes DR-DOS was driven out by a ruthless Bill

“CBSMW: In your current company, Encanto, you don’t use
Microsoft’s software. You’re using a Linux-like software,

“Frankenberg: We are using an open-source software product;
it’s Free BSD, as opposed to Linux. Free BSD is a particular flavor
of the Unix operating system. It does an exceptionally good
The operating system is distributed for free. Those that
write enhancements to it are required to make those available to
everyone. This has resulted in a significant amount of innovations
and new capabilities.”

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