CeBIT Hannover March 18-24 will have large Linux presence

A raft of companies big and small will demonstrating Linux at
the enormous annual European CeBIT Expo March 18-24 in Hannover,

CeBIT is sometimes touted as the world’s largest computer expo.
It is the equivalent of COMDEX/Las Vegas in the United States.

Among those with booths will be: Hewlett-Packard GmbH, IBM
Deutschland, INFORMIX Software GmbH, ORACLE Deutschland GmbH,
Software AG, Sybase GmbH, SuSE GmbH, bee Baastrup EDV-Entwicklung
GmbH, Caldera Systems, Inc., Cobalt Networks, Inc., delix, Linux
International, Linux Magazin and ABAS Software AG.

The German Linux news site Linux.de has put together a very nice
Web page of the CeBIT 1999 Linux presence.

Visit Linux.de’s CeBIT
Linux Web page