Chicago Tribune: Linux community looks toward the future [interview with Jon “Maddog” Hall]

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“Jon “Maddog” Hall is Executive Director at Linux International,
a non-profit vendor organization dedicated to promoting the use of
Linux. He is best known in the Linux community for his tireless
advocacy of Linux.”

Q: What are the goals of Linux International? Have they
changed in the past couple of years to meet the changing Linux

A: Linux International basically has the same goals it always
had, which are to promote Linux. LI is a vendor organization, and
there’s a lot of confusion about that. Individuals keep wanting to
join, but LI is about trying to meet vendor needs. We help vendors
understand the different licensing models, help them reach the
Linux markets and help them understand how to make money with free
software without violating the rules of the GNU GPL (General Public
License). There’s a lot of confusion, particularly in the
beginning, about open source and the GNU GPL, and a lot of
disbelief that you can actually make money from it. … Also,
we’re applying for 501c6 non-profit status so we can lobby

Q: What would you lobby Congress

A: We’d explain the reasons we think open-source software is
the way to go and encourage them to vote for bills that help to
encourage open-source software. We’d also lobby for things like
relaxing the issue about DVDs.”

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