Chrome 10 vs. Internet Explorer 9 Reconsidered

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“When I recently took a look at the brand new Chrome 10
Web browser, the results for the latest release candidate of
Internet Explorer (IE) 9 puzzled me because they were so bad. Some
of my readers were more than puzzled. Some were outraged and
accused me of deliberating trying to set up IE to fail. Please. I
call them like I see them and, in my tests, the IE 9 RC was just
dreadfully slow compared to the others.

“Still, as I said, I wasn’t happy with my results. When I
started hearing from people that I respected, like my ZDNet bud Ed
Bott, that he was also seeing results that put IE 9 RC just ahead
of Chrome, I decided to re-run my benchmarks and take a closer look
at my results.”

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