CNET.com: Linux Shoot-Out: Red Hat 6.0 and Caldera OpenLinux 2.2

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Linux is gaining serious ground. Once the domain of hacker
types and trade-show techies, the upstart OS is now winning over
the business world, and for good reason: Linux is stable, free, and
It’s even threatening to break Microsoft’s deadlock on
the server OS market. And if it succeeds there, what next? Linux
might even replace Windows on the consumer desktop.”

“But in order to beat the software giant at its own game, Linux
will have to attract a broader and more mainstream audience–and
that’s already happening. Linux servers now dish up at least 30
percent of Web pages on the Internet– more than any other OS.
Large companies and IT houses are trading in their NT servers by
the bushel for Linux boxes, and more and more home users are
installing the OS to escape Windows 95’s and 98’s chronic

“Two companies in particular–Red Hat and Caldera Systems–are
working like crazy to package and resell different flavors, or
distributions, of Linux. To make Linux simpler for everyone, these
companies use Windows-style interfaces, put Linux on
easy-to-install CD-ROMs, and sell it in boxes with gobs of
documentation…Whether you need to set up a mission-critical
server or you just want to run Linux on your desktop, we’ll tell
you which of these Linux distributions should run on your box.

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