CNET News.com: Diamond branching into Web tablets

“Diamond Multimedia will announce a “Web pad” device using
Transmeta’s Crusoe chip today, people familiar with the company’s
plans said at an event here yesterday. Diamond, which makes such
hardware as modems and video acceleration chips, recently began
manufacturing a portable MP3 player and has previously flirted with
tablet-sized computers….”

Details on the Diamond Web tablet are sketchy, but the
Santa Clara, Calif., company showed a copper-colored device on the
stage at yesterday’s unveiling of Transmeta’s initial
Transmeta chief executive Dave Ditzel said in an
interview that he expected the first products with the Transmeta
chips to ship in the second quarter of this year.”

“The Diamond product will use Transmeta’s lower-end 3120 chip,
which costs between $65 and $89 and is in production. Web pads and
other devices using the 3120 chip are expected to cost between $500
and $1,000, Transmeta representatives said yesterday.”

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