CNET News.com: Gates, Barrett tout Wintel for workstations

“Workstations using the Windows operating system and Intel
chips are displacing Unix servers not just on the basis of price,
but now also on the basis of performance, Intel chief executive
Craig Barrett said today.

Barrett and Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates took the
stage… to show a united front in the war against the old guard,
machines using RISC chips and the Unix operating system.

However, it was clear from the presentations that the Wintel
movement still has a way to go to catch up to the Unix/RISC realm.
Both Intel and Microsoft are pinning much of their hopes on
forthcoming products, Intel’s 64-bit chips and Microsoft’s Windows
2000 operating system.

Along with performance gains, the two executives said that
Wintel workstation adoption will be driven by benefits of network
collaboration with colleagues and customers.”