CNET News.com: HP wins round in Java battle

“Lynx Real-Time Systems, a major provider of operating systems
used in non-PC computing devices, has signed a deal to use a
Hewlett-Packard clone of Sun’s Java software in its version of
Linux for embedded devices….”

The Lynx version of Linux, called BlueCat, will come with
HP’s Chai software, an unlicensed clone of Java that’s been a thorn
in Sun’s side for years….

“The deal is an important endorsement for Chai. HP’s software
will now be exposed to a larger audience, giving the company more
leverage in its discussions with Sun about whether to call off
their divisive dispute over Java. However, Linux is a new arrival
in the embedded and real-time markets, and it will take time to see
whether the open-source operating system will repeat the success it
has had so far in the server market.”

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