CNET News.com: IBM wants big impact from small Net server

“Big Blue is readying a new Windows NT server, code-named
Intimidator, for ISPs that it will deliver in less than two weeks.
The new server is IBM’s first volley in a plug-it-in-and-forget-it
strategy aimed at getting Internet servers up and running more

The Netfinity 4000R will be one of the smallest ISP servers
available, the company said, measuring 1.75 inches thick and
stackable to 42 units high. Space for additional servers is a major
concern of ISPs as they expand their businesses.

The 4000R servers are based on technology IBM licensed from
Network Engines, said Jim Gargin, director of marketing for Big
Blue’s Netfinity line.

In an IBM first, the 4000R will be availabe with Windows NT
, Gargin said. Usually IBM leaves installation of
the operating system up to the companies that deal more directly
with customers. IBM is evaluating whether to preinstall other
operating systems as well
, he said.”

“IBM is betting that its thin line of preconfigured servers will
attract customers who need to order a server today and install and
run it tomorrow.”