CNET News.com: Intel to enter Web Appliance market

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Intel will further expand its horizons beyond the
microprocessor tomorrow when it details plans for selling
Linux-powered Internet appliances that make phone calls, surf the
Web and send and receive email.

“The new appliances, which will come out toward the middle of
the year, will essentially combine a phone with a limited but
upgradeable Internet PC. Prices will range from $300 to $700 with
monthly service starting at $25 to $30, said Claude Leglise,
general manager of the home products group at Intel….”

“Some analysts are viewing the plan positively, because it
appears to work out some of the kinks that have held back Internet
appliances in the past. The box will have a bigger monitor than Web
phones, for instance, but won’t have to rely on the TV, a
lower-resolution and sometimes inconvenient screen.”

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