CNET News.com: Lesser-known Linux companies join forces

In an attempt to attain the status of better-known rivals,
Linux seller Caldera Systems has invested $3 million in Ebiz
Enterprises, which operates LinuxMall.com and The Linux

“The investment will be used to create PartnerAxis, a
Linux-focused Web site where specialized software companies can tap
into a network of “resellers” who install the software and sell the
products to customers, Jeffrey Rassas, chief executive of Ebiz
Enterprises, said today.”

“PartnerAxis began at Caldera under the project name Electronic
Linux Marketplace, said Dean Taylor, leader of the project and one
of 11 Caldera employees who will transfer to Ebiz. Taylor has been
the executive vice president of marketing for Caldera.”

“The $3 million should be enough for Ebiz to bring the
PartnerAxis division to profitability, Rassas said. He expects this
to happen in 12 months.”